Syncing Office for iPad with Your Mac

If you have an iPad and added Office for iPad you’ll realise how useful it is to have something familiar that you have been using for years on your computer. It is a cut down version when working on the iPad but still has loads of features that we all like.

It is very handy to be able to create and make changes on either your computer or iPad and they seamlessly appear on the other device. This is done using Microsoft’s OneDrive, formerly known as SkyDrive. If you are using the latest Windows version of Office which is 2013 then this has all been built in. However, if you have a Mac the latest version is Office 2011 and this does not.

You could use Share to SkyDrive but this does not work as effortlessly. Thankfully there is an app for the Mac called OneDrive and this creates a folder allowing you to seamlessly work with the files on both devices.

Here is a short video showing you how.