Getting Started with PowerPoint

PowerPoint is used for just about every presentation you see today. Often displayed on a big screen or with a projector and lets face it some are good and some, well not quite so good. Below is a tutorial to get you started, and also a refresher if you haven’t used PowerPoint for a while. Before that there are some tips that you might find useful.

  1. Be consistent with fonts, do not use different fonts on every line. Try and stick to the one font throughout.
  2. Don’t use too many different animations.
  3. Make sure that you use a font size that is not too small, 24 point is a good minimum but this can depend on the size of the screen, the quality of the screen or projector and the room size. Also take into account the age of your audience.
  4. Be careful with colours, make sure they are clear and follow guidelines for colour blindness. Avoid using orange, red and green in your template and text. See more about accessibility on Microsoft’s website, click here.
  5. Don’t cram your slide with information. These should just be prompts or useful images, videos, audios or charts.
  6. Keep the number of slides to a minimum.
  7. Be early for your presentation and test it. Make sure you have more than one copy. Don’t rely on being able to download it.
  8. Press F5 to start on Windows or Shift+Cmd+Enter to start on a Mac. It is frustrating for your audience to watch whilst the presenter is fumbling to get their presentation started.
  9. Practise. Also make sure you are familiar with the system if you are going to be switching from PowerPoint to YouTube, Word, Excel etc.
  10. Don’t stand there reading what is on every slide. The audience can do that.

In the tutorial below you will see how to get started with PowerPoint. Keep checking for more tutorials.

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