Excel Macros: Recording Macros in Excel 2010…and 2007 & 2013

Recording macros in Excel is a great time saver, if you have tasks that are repetitive, complex or both then getting Excel to remember what you do and then play it back at the click of a button is a really time save and can reduce errors.

For example, you could record a macro to remember how to set up a particular spreadsheet including formatting and then save it. Perhaps you have data that needs to be imported and then the information needs to be reorganised, formatted, saved and then printed. These can all be done at a click of a button.

When you record it creates some code, this is like a script, it is called Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) and is a powerful tool that can be used to do so much more. Check out the other tutorials I have on macros to see how you can do more.

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