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Dropbox – Sharing Files and Folders

Dropbox is an excellent tool for storing files online, in addition it is also really easy to share files and folders with family, friends, clients and colleagues. If they have a Dropbox account then they can share the same folder and you can both save files and download files too from the same folder. This is great for collaborating. If they don’t have a Dropbox account you can still share with them and they can download the files.

In this video I’ll show you how to share files and folders.

New iPhone, iPad or iPad mini for Christmas

If you got a new iPhone, iPad or iPad mini then you must be grinning from ear to ear. It doesn’t take long to get started and the instructions when you start it up help you get there quickly with little fuss, however, there are a lot of features that you may find handy that it doesn’t tell you when you start up like the built in dictionary, the panorama feature in the camera for the iPhone, Google Maps, sending a message when getting a call, email signatures, copying and pasting and so much more.

Have a look at my video clips which cover these and so much more by clicking on this link and have a merry Christmas.

Jargon Free Help

Jargon Free Help is here to make technology easy to understand. This site is regular updated with short video clips to demystify technology and make using software like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access easy to use. For those with iPhones, iPads and iPod touchs there are a number of videos to help you out with these popular devices.There are also photography tips and tricks coming soon.