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Video Format for Your iOS Devices iPhone and iPad

iPhones, iPads and the iPod touch are really great devices for watching video on and you may have purchased some from the iTunes Store, downloaded from other sites or converted some from DVDs. But what about those video you have that are in a format that will not play on your device. It could be an AVI, WMV, Flash video (FLV) or something else. 

You need to convert these to a format that will work and these iOS devices like formats called h.264 or MPEG-4. They usually can be identified because they end in MP4, M4V or MOV. 

So how do you convert the videos to these formats, well I use Handbrake, it is free and can be downloaded for Windows, Mac and Linux from

Here is a video to show you how to convert these file formats, this video shows converting a Flash video file, an FLV, but works the same for other videos formats.

Get A Lost App, Song, Movie or TV Show Back

So you need to get an app, song, film or TV show back that is missing on your device, it could be you have more than one device and want the content on both devices, you downloaded it on one and you want it on the other, assuming you have the same account this is easy.

It could also be that you have new device and want your content that you had before on this one. Perhaps you deleted an app or some content to free up space and now want it back. This is something I do, it is surprising how easy it is to fill up space on an iPad.

Apple make this easy to do if it was something you bought through the iTunes store or App store.

A Clever App for Carbs and Calorie Counting

If you’re looking to lose weight or control your diabetes then this app Carbs and Cals is a clever way of counting calories without weighing everything. By using pictures you can quickly determine how many calories you are consuming.

Best way to describe it is to see how it works, in the example below it shows varying plates of pasta bows, you choose the one that most looks like your plate and it will tell you the calories.



You can choose the foods and add them to a meal to see the total intake.

To me this completely simplifies controlling my food intake and hopefully my diabetes that I control through diet.

There are two versions, the lite version which is free and the paid for version. Here is the link to the lite version so you can try it out.

Restricting Access for Children to iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

Children have a habit of doing things you don’t want them to whether it is surfing the Internet or downloading movies, TV shows or apps. On an Apple device like an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad they could be buidling up huge costs on your account. You can also set a monthly spend using iTunes which will help keep spending under control. Here I show you how to keep children safe on these devices and also keep your wallet in check. If you want to set up an iTunes account for a child without a credit card see this tutorial – click here.

Podcasts in iOS 6 and the iPhone 5

So there is a brand new iPhone and for those of us still content with the older versions of our iPhone and also iPad there is a new iOS which runs these devices. You will notice a few changes like the YouTube app is missing, although you can download a free one from the App store, and the way the maps work, and a lot of people are not happy at all about the maps. More about that in another blog soon.

One thing that has changed is how Podcasts are managed. You used to find them on the iTunes store where you could download them and subscribe, this has now changed. You can still find them in the iTunes store but when you select one you then go to a new app, Podcasts, which you might have to download from the App store if it is not already on your device. You can also find the podcasts in the Podcasts app rather than going through iTunes.

It has a whole new layout and more control over the settings. Watch the video below to see how it now works.

Sizing Up the iPad Mini

When Apple announced the iPad mini the only thing I was thinking was it really that impressive to make something smaller and thinner, in fact there was an emphasis on making everything thinner the iPhone 5, the iMac and the iPad, I got the hint I needed to go on diet.

I like my iPad and felt it is a great tool but would it really be better in a smaller form factor and was Apple pandering to the masses who were tweeting about it. Steve Jobs initially didn’t like the idea. I had tried the other tablets that were in this smaller form factor and was not that impressed. Then I tried the iPad mini, a little bit bigger than the others and to my surprise I liked it. I went back to the store a few times and was convinced, it even fitted inside my coat pocket, I called a sales assistant over when I did to so that the beefy security guards didn’t get the wrong idea. It is also a nice weight.

So aside from it fitting in my coat pocket the weight certainly makes a big difference especially when you are holding it for a while like when I’m using FaceTime or Skype. I find the keyboard easier to use especially when on a crowded tube train, I can certainly type faster than with the iPad when standing up.

I have downloaded magazines, PDFs and books and find them more convenient to read and have not been bothered by the fact it is not a retina display, although I’m sure that will happen. Reading is easy on a crowded train I don’t have to battle to get it out of my bag, this is no mean feat on the London Underground. In addition to this I can hold it in one hand.

Having free wifi on the Tube has certainly added a new dimension to this great device, I can write an email between stations and then send when I get a signal at the station. iMessage works too and has surprised some people when I can let them know if there are any delays.

As you may know I enjoy my photography and with my full size iPad I have the camera connection kit but had to get a new connector for the iPad mini, however, it did not let me down, I connected the camera, chose the pictures and imported them and they look great on the iPad and the iPad mini.

Now when I use the full size iPad it almost seems too big.

Now if you are considering an iPad try a mini out, see if you are pleasantly surprised as I was.