About Me

Qualifications and Memberships

B.Eng (Hons) – UNSW

Dip Film and TV Production and Direction – Academy of Photogenic Arts

Professional Member of the British Computer Society

What I Do

The best way to describe what I do is a combination of IT and media and where necessary also combining the two to provide the right experience for the client and the audience. Getting video online, making it work reliably and doing it at a reasonable price is what I do. Video has become an essential part of many businesses small and large, it is also an important role in education. Its role in education and my IT skills are a great mix in one of my key roles working in e-learning.

My roles in IT include end user support, programming (websites, databases and macros), training and e-learning.

My role in media is as a video cameraman, director, editor, sound recordist and photographer. I use all of these when working in e-learning as well as for other projects.


People always ask me what is it that I do, what is digital media exactly? What’s a learning technologist?

Digital media covers so many things, I guess the obvious one is digital video but it also covers websites, social networking, online interactive tools and working with those to work on mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads and Android tablets and phones. Digital media also covers photography and audio recordings. I have to make the content such as a video and make it suitable for delivery online.

It also involves making sure that the best way to deliver it is used. Does that mean streaming the video so that it plays as it is downloading or making it downloadable so that it can be accessed later when offline.

Video has become a very popular means of sharing information on the web, something you more than likely have seen either through YouTube or embedded directly into many websites.

This media can also be used to help promote what you do or your website and there are ways to take advantage of this. I do train people so that they can do this themselves and get good results please do contact me via my contact me page if you are interested in knowing more.

Working as a learning technologist combines all the skills I use for digital media and apply it to education usually for universities but e-learning is also used by businesses to inform staff, keep them up to date and also train them up at their desks on things like data security, health and safety or how to use in house systems.

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