Restricting Access for Children to iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

Children have a habit of doing things you don’t want them to whether it is surfing the Internet or downloading movies, TV shows or apps. On an Apple device like an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad they could be buidling up huge costs on your account. You can also set a monthly spend using iTunes which will help keep spending under control. Here I show you how to keep children safe on these devices and also keep your wallet in check. If you want to set up an iTunes account for a child without a credit card see this tutorial – click here.

New iPhone, iPad or iPad mini for Christmas

If you got a new iPhone, iPad or iPad mini then you must be grinning from ear to ear. It doesn’t take long to get started and the instructions when you start it up help you get there quickly with little fuss, however, there are a lot of features that you may find handy that it doesn’t tell you when you start up like the built in dictionary, the panorama feature in the camera for the iPhone, Google Maps, sending a message when getting a call, email signatures, copying and pasting and so much more.

Have a look at my video clips which cover these and so much more by clicking on this link and have a merry Christmas.

Podcasts in iOS 6 and the iPhone 5

So there is a brand new iPhone and for those of us still content with the older versions of our iPhone and also iPad there is a new iOS which runs these devices. You will notice a few changes like the YouTube app is missing, although you can download a free one from the App store, and the way the maps work, and a lot of people are not happy at all about the maps. More about that in another blog soon.

One thing that has changed is how Podcasts are managed. You used to find them on the iTunes store where you could download them and subscribe, this has now changed. You can still find them in the iTunes store but when you select one you then go to a new app, Podcasts, which you might have to download from the App store if it is not already on your device. You can also find the podcasts in the Podcasts app rather than going through iTunes.

It has a whole new layout and more control over the settings. Watch the video below to see how it now works.